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Sarah McGeough
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Sarah McGeough, Book Coach

I am a book coach who helps new writers release their inner author to successfully write a book, without it being too hard.Ever dreamt of writing a book?Has the thought crossed your mind?YOUR book is waiting to be written. YOUR book idea can come to life.I will motivate and encourage you.I will gently push you forward.I will help you believe in yourself.YOU will succeed.YOU will publish YOUR book.Let’s get started.

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Sarah McGeough, Book Coach

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Sarah McGeough

About Me

Hello. I'm Sarah, an author and a book coach.I live with my husband and son by the sea in glorious Hove. I have embraced family life and we love to go on adventures together that normally involve walking out into nature or having fun at a theme park. I spent most of my career working within the NHS and have project management and Human Resources experience. I'm a qualified personal performance coach with The Coaching Academy and enjoy guiding and mentoring others to realise their potential and go after their ambitions in life.I'm an adoptive mummy and through the first lockdown in 2020 had the idea to write a children’s book called Eddy Finds a Family. I didn’t feel there were many books out there to help my son understand his journey and background to being adopted, so I created one. I also wanted to make sure I wrote a colourful and engaging story so all children would be able to understand adoption in a better way. I joined Michael Heppell’s Write That Book Masterclass and found the most wonderful supportive community. My idea turned into something so much bigger and The Flamingo Family was created.In 2021 I launched the second book Eddy Feels at Home, which I am proud to say is officially endorsed by Adoption UK and I have plans to create a school resource pack, offer author visits to schools and launch adoption greetings cards. I’m also pleased to share I’ve finished my ‘grown-up' book project Knocked Sideways which is available to pre-order now. It tells 21 powerful real-life stories of challenging moments and offers motivation and inspiration to find a happy future.Why am I telling you this?Because I was you a few years ago.I wanted to write a book.But I had no idea where to start.Life can get in the way.We think time isn’t on our side.It goes on our ‘do it later’ list.Do you want to write a book?Do you really want to write a book?I can give you the tools to success.I can help you fulfil your dream.


Writing a book has been one of the best experiences of my life!I loved every moment and each step I took made me more determined.The feeling when you hold your own book in your hand is beyond words.You can experience that feeling too.They say many want to write a book, but most don’t achieve this.The main reasons?

  • I have no clue where to begin

  • It’s way out of my comfort zone

  • I’m scared to take a step forward

  • I don’t have enough spare time

  • I feel overwhelmed to start writing

  • I don’t believe I can achieve

I can help if you:

  • Have a great idea for a book

  • Need confidence in your writing

  • Are stuck and can’t move forward

  • Need some more motivation

  • Want some accountability

  • Feel overwhelmed or stuck

  • Need structure and routine

  • Want support and guidance

  • Need marketing ideas

Everyone has values that make them who they are and I believe people always want to find something they are passionate about, be fulfilled and aspire to follow their dreams.Whenever I work with a client, I ensure I spend quality time in a ‘Discovery Call’ to find out a little more before the coaching starts - to be able to understand your motivation for wanting to write a book, your main drivers in life and how you prioritise things important to you.My coaching makes you believe in yourself and your book idea as well as give you a real insight into the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.Don’t hesitate.GET IN TOUCH ABOUT A FREE DISCOVERY CALL.

If you want to know a little more about my coaching packages and pricing, then please click here.

Release Your Inner Author Packages

I pride myself on offering the best value for money. I will always go the extra mile to help and support you and give honest, detailed and concise guidance. Writing a book takes a lot of hard work and you need to be sure you are fully committed to the idea to be a success.My own background is writing children’s books and memoirs; however, my experience means I offer valuable coaching and mentoring in all genres. I specialise in helping new authors as this can be the most overwhelming space to be in. You have a great idea but you have no clue where to begin to be able to move forward. The trick to writing is to get started, but it is important you understand your intention and have the time and discipline.There are many steps to writing a book.It is useful to break these down and talk them through.Overwhelm is a real thing, so it helps to have someone to listen.Accountability makes a massive difference and that’s where I come in.You can become an author.Release Your Inner Author.There are three packages available.

Get Started

  • We talk through your idea and scope out a framework to get you started

  • 3 coaching sessions over 3 months

  • Editing & proofreading – 2,000 words

  • Access to me via email for support

  • The focus is for you to gain clarity and have clear steps to take you forward



  • You have an idea, have written a fair few words and need help to progress

  • 6 coaching sessions over 6 months

  • Editing & proofreading – 5,000 words

  • Access to me via email for support

  • To help grow your writing confidence and learn first stages of marketing



  • You are determined to self-publish your book in a year

  • 10 coaching sessions over 12 months

  • A clear monthly framework of guidance to becoming an author

  • Progressive editing and proofreading over the year, up to 20,000 words

  • Access to me via email for support

  • This package gives you a real insight into writing, marketing and publishing


Use the Set up a Call button below to set up a Discovery Call with me, or get in Contact if you have any questions.


I can offer bespoke packages that can be tailored to your individual needs.Additional proofreading and editing is chargeable at £20 per 1,000 words.

Discovery Call Questionnaire

Hello! You should have arrived here because I sent you a link, after you expressed interest in a FREE Discovery Call.As your book coach, it’s important for me to understand your motivation for wanting to write a book, what are your main drivers in life and how you prioritise things in your day to day life. It’s also essential for me to understand how you view the world and yourself in particular.Could you please answer each of the questions below as clearly and thoughtfully as possible, expressing the best of who you are. These are “pondering” questions designed to stimulate your thinking in a particular way that will make our work together even more productive.It may take you several hours or days to compose your responses to these questions, so please feel free to make notes offline, and come back here when you're ready to complete the whole questionnaire. Take your time and really reflect on your answers.

Book a Discovery Call

Thank you for completing your questionnaire and your interest in a Discovery Call.Each session normally lasts about 45 minutes, although the booked slot is an hour just to be on the safe side!Use the button below to launch my booking page in a separate browser window.

Existing client looking to book a new coaching session? Click here

Book a Coaching Session

Thank you for signing up for a series of coaching sessions.Use the button below to launch my booking page in a separate browser window.TIP: if you're not ready to book all your sessions now, why not bookmark this page so you can come back to book your subsequent sessions later.

Pay for your Coaching Sessions

Thank you for your time in the Discovery Session and for deciding to sign up for a series of coaching sessions.Full details are on the Pricing page if you need a reminder, but in summary:

  • Get Started: 3x sessions, £400

  • Progression: 6x sessions, £700

  • Success: 10x sessions, £1500

Click the appropriate button below to make your payment.

Get Started



Pay for a single Coaching Session

If you have completed a coaching package and would like to have another session, you can use the button below to pay for one session at a time. A single session is £100.

Thank You

You should now receive a receipt by email to confirm your payment.Please go to the client booking page to schedule your first coaching session.

If you have any problems please Contact Me.


"I have just finished my author journey with Sarah and I can honestly say she has been such an integral part of my progress. I started off with zero confidence and I really never believed I could publish a book. Sarah not only helped me with the practicalties of writing and publishing, but also helped me find my voice and my magic!She has such a passion for what she does and genuinely cares about the people she coaches. She always provides such constructive criticism and has saved the day for me many times when I had random queries at all hours of the day! I can't thank Sarah enough for her coaching and I will miss our calls and her infectious enthusiasm for everything.Thank you Sarah for helping me put the Magic into my book Magical Me."Fiona Gubbins

Fiona Gubbins
Lynne Given

"If you’ve ever thought of writing a book then Sarah is so encouraging and motivational. Her attitude is that, you can do it! Let everyone know that you are writing a book.Sarah is a published author and speaks from direct experience. Without Sarah, my book would not have been completed and Sarah encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone and as a result I became more confident and I started to believe I could write, publish and sell my book.I can say that I am a published author of my memoir Sink or Swim and I am extremely proud of my success and all that I have achieved. Without Sarah’s encouragement and coaching this would not have happened. Sarah also hosted my online book launch which was a great success.”Lynne Given

"Sarah brings a lot of energy and value to her coaching sessions. As a published author, her insight and knowledge about the process of publishing was exactly what I needed. Sarah was very supportive and encouraged me to be realistic and to take achievable steps. I loved being coached by Sarah and left every session feeling inspired and ready to go for it!"Lizzie Lawrence

Lizzie Lawrence
Ruth Weaver

"Sarah is a very friendly coach. She always put me at ease and took the time to build a relationship with me which made it easy to talk about personal challenges and limitations with her. Sarah challenged me to think outside of the box but in a non-confrontational way and I always left our sessions motivated to take action. I enjoyed our sessions as I knew that I would come away with a clear path to help me achieve my goals."Ruth Weaver

"First and foremost I want to thank Sarah for being an honest coach, which allowed me to receive her feedback positively and make the necessary changes to my book. When we met on Zoom she was both serious and lighthearted which made me comfortable and at ease, and as a novice at writing books, I was glad I chose Sarah as my coach, because I received more than expected. I definitely felt more equipped and confident after my sessions and would recommend her services to anyone who wants detailed feedback and sound advice."Paulette Tyson

Paulette Tyson
Kaye Patten

"It was a great opportunity to have an objective overview of my plans and goals. Sarah skillfully unpicked my ideas and helped me focus and prioritise. I was able to create a timeline for my objectives and she helped me believe I can achieve my dream. We Identified my most comfortable social media platform and how to have impact, by being consistent. Sarah helped me realise that writing a book is just the start and where to focus my attention when trying to develop my presence."Kaye Patten

"I met with Sarah in person for my coaching session, which was fantastic! Sarah is an amazing coach, wonderfully warm, enthusiastic, joyful and lovely to talk to. Sarah helped me structure and improve my writing technique, giving me guidance and support. Sarah elevates you inside. When I had my session, I was struggling with editing my book, getting the tone right for children and generally feeling like a bit of a failure. Sarah changed all that, the first thing you see of Sarah is that beautiful catching smile she has! You can’t help but smile back. My spirits were lifted and we discussed all the problems I was having in detail. Sarah could see things I couldn’t, she helped me see my work differently. What she did was remarkable. My book is so much better now."Jackie Winnell

Jackie Winnell
Dee Holley

"My session with Sarah was invaluable. I had written my children’s book draft, but needed bit more guidance and where it maybe wasn’t working so well. Working with Sarah helped me look at my writing a bit more objectively. She also helped guide me to focussing on the other aspects of getting my book published and not see it as ‘too much to do’. She outlined some things to do now, some to work on later, so it wasn’t overwhelming. I came away very bouyant, positive and ready to tackle the next stage. Sarah is so positive, helpful and encouraging. It was a lovely, fun, friendly and relaxed experience. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Thanks Sarah."Dee Holley

"I had coaching at a time when I was lost in my writing. I was confused which story I should write, the direction I should go and was falling deep into procrastination. Sarah came along and shone the brightest of lights as her coaching felt positively magical. She fully listens to your needs and shows great empathy. She’ll then relax you and almost feels like she takes your hand in her coaching skills and guides you forward in her friendly, warm, trusting comfort. Sarah gave me hope and confidence to move forward with my chosen book choice. I am already twelve chapters into my young adult fantasy fiction book and only a few chapters from completion and she’s been there with me all along. Genuinely can’t praise and recommend her enough as she goes above and beyond to help."Paul Underwood

Paul Underwood
Gaynor Weatherley

"Sarah made me feel at ease, as though we had been friends for years. The advice was positive and helpful she understood my concerns and talked me through my questions giving advice and suggestions. I would highly recommend Sarah and not hesitate to get back to her for a further session if and when I felt I needed more help. Very enjoyable experience, thank you Sarah."Gaynor Weatherley

"I have found Sarah to be an excellent coach and mentor, she has really helped me to move forward with my book. Helping me to focus on different areas and different ways of structuring my writing. Sarah is always super motivating and enthusiastic, being happy to share her own experiences which really helped me. She is very encouraging and gave excellent constructive advice for me to be able to move forward."Gail Cooper

Gail Cooper


If you want to get in touch about requesting a FREE Discovery Session, use the form below.You can also use the form for any general enquiries.

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